There is a technological revolution in healthcare. Government initiatives are driving transformation across nearly all areas of health care delivery, working towards improvements in paperless working, digital security, WiFi access, and digitising social and emergency care.

As a long-term supplier to the NHS, we recognise the potential to use technology to create efficiencies and improvements to patient care. Our specialisms have led us to develop allHealth - a programme delivery framework specific to healthcare providers.

allHealth provides a framework that includes everything from consultancy in support of the development of your technology strategy, the design and deployment of appropriate infrastructure, device customisation, bespoke healthcare accessories and staff training to support your project. Each allHealth deployment is designed and delivered by experts in their field.

XMA focus on delivering sustainable solutions that improves the clinician and patient experience wherever care is provided. These solutions deliver a better quality of care, greater efficiencies and a higher level of accuracy through the use of technology.

Strategy Development


Consultancy and Business Process Re–engineering

Custom app development, in– house development, middleware

Finance Models

Professional development, certified technical training

Culture and Environment


App, content distribution and management

Device enrolment, management

Employee empowerment through salary sacrifice / CYOD

End user induction

Techincal Readiness

Data security, storage and backup

Wifi, infrastructure upgrades, cellular and secure access

Directory and groupware integration

Public and private cloud services, SaaS, IaaS, VDI

Supply and Delivery


National and regional framework access

Mobile ad bespoke clinical accessories

Bonded warehousing and staged delivery

Asset tagging, etching, bespoke cases



Bespoke warranty and insurance services

Break/fix, express replacement service

Help desk, onsite support

End of lifecycle, management, finance options

The introduction of iPad is transforming the way clinicians deliver healthcare at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Watch the story above

Through our expertise of iOS and healthcare apps, we enable medical professionals to make more informed care choices through instant access to clinical data, secure communications and improved efficiency across healthcare systems.

Healthcare apps for iPhone and iPad provide countless ways to deliver better patient care. Stay up to date with the latest research, manage patient information in real time, see schedules, order prescriptions or dictate notes, all from your iPad. The native security of iOS, easy to use and intuitive experience paired with the breadth of healthcare professional apps has made iPad, iPhone and iOS the preferred platform for healthcare apps.

Embedding these solutions into allHealth enables us to make meaningful changes that help clinicians provide a faster and more personalised level of care. Transforming the way technology is used in healthcare means less time spent searching for information, and more time with patients.

Developed together with NHS clinicians, Kainos Evolve for iPad gives you access to accurate and up-to-date patient information at the point of care regardless of the care setting. Records can be accessed, viewed and updated securely, improving co-ordination of care and saving hours of time in administrative duties every day so it can be better spent where it matters.

  • Portable access to patient records when you need it
  • Captures information at the point of patient care and integrates seamlessly with patient workflow
  • Advanced security features provide increased protection of patient information

XMA is partnering with Kainos Evolve to offer their solution as the perfect compliment to any allHealth deployment.

Evolve is optimised for NHS clinicians to overcome the challenges faced every day in patient data management. Across three key areas of clinical healthcare, Evolve for iPad removes the barriers in capturing, accessing, sharing and analysing patient information so more time can be spent prioritising patient care.

Acute Care

Ambulance Care

Community Care


Build a bundle of accessories to compliment your allHealth solution.

Griffin Survivor Slim

Survivor Slim protects your iPad from 2-meter drops using a shatter-resistent polycarbonate shell ringed with a silicone bumper. The bumper absorbs shocks and creates a non-slip grip when you carry it.

Tactivo Precise biometrics

Designed to protect your iPad while provide secure access to restricted resources. Tactivo is compatible with i.a. CAC, PIV, PIV–, TWIC, SPINE & SITHS smart cards, giving you more time with patients.

Zioxi 1:1 iPad Charging Locker

Single or Multi-user charging lockers with power adapter and secure storage.


Three materials work together to absorb and detect shock away from the device, while sealed port covers provides protection from dust and dirt.

Code Corp barcode scanners

Code offers a complete line of barcode readers that are built to withstand the extensive cleaning and disinfecting devices undergo in healthcare environments.